Recent Rumblings

So, I’ve been with Loup for a while now. A couple months. It’s great – I’ve been given tons of responsibility and opportunity, and I think I’m thriving in it. Since starting, I’ve developed an app for internal use with some great usability features. I have contributed extensively to our web services, which I hadn’t anticipated I would be doing. Turns out I’m loving that, too. So I guess I’m a full-stack engineer now, which is pretty exciting!

In so doing, I’m discovering a lot of fun features of Python’s language and runtime environment. The ability to consider a type as a first-class object is great, and led to my creation of the project validict, which I recommend you check out.

That’s about it for now. There’s a lot under wraps but some exciting things upcoming. I’m hoping I can start documenting some of those things here, because I think I’m learning some really valuable lessons and am more than happy to share.

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