Pizza Time: Olive Bomb

Time for another pizza! This one was a lot of fun, mostly because it was so briny and tasty. If you like salty stuff, this pizza is for you.


Olive Bomb, Before
Olive Bomb, After




Preheat your oven and pizza stone/steel as high as it goes. Finely chop up your herb of choice, and whip together with your olive oil and anchovy paste. If you omit the anchovy paste, probably add a little salt. Let sit for a little bit while you spread/toss/roll out your dough into your pizza shape. Give your dough a nice massage with your finger tips – just poke and poke with your outstretched fingers, until the surface is full of depressions like a golf ball. Spread your anchovy herb oil over the crust. Evenly distribute your cheese and olives. Throw that in the oven and bake until you’ve got some nice brown on your crust.


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